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The Largest Cities by Area, Population, Density

which city is largest

When people ask which city in the world is “largest,” I’ve noticed that the responses can actually vary, depending on which country the person answering is from. Sometimes people answer according to area, while others answer according to population, and yet others answer as it relates to population density. So,Read More …

What is Life Like in China – Part One


Within one week of my arrival in Guangzhou, I got a good taste of what life is like in China. A woman stopped me on the street and asked me “Where you from?” I responded “America.” She quickly asked, “You marry?” I said “No, I’m…” and she quickly responded “IRead More …

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Traveling?

How to overcome fear of travel

Too many people suffer needlessly for, while they desire to see new places far away, they always hold the question in their minds “How can I overcome my fear of traveling?” Ten Countries and Counting As a guy who’s been to ten countries personally and lived abroad for over fourRead More …

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand Passes at 88

King Bhumibol

King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the king of Thailand and the longest-reigning monarch on earth, recently passed away, according to spokespersons at the palace (the original article can be found HERE). At 88 years of age, King Bhumibol had reigned over his country for seventy years as head of state, weathering allRead More …

A “Pro City” Isn’t Always What You Think

Welcome to WhichCity Podcast #3! Today my special guest is Ozgur, a good friend from Turkey. We sat down at Starbucks on this nice morning and discussed a famous, historical city that I’ve been looking to visit for quite some time: Istanbul! This topic could easily be two episodes, soRead More …

Which US Cities Have the Best Restaurants?

San Francisco, California--famous for more than just the Golden Gate Bridge

When traveling through the United States you will have plenty of restaurant options to choose from, but which cities are considered the best for restaurant food consumption? Which cities can you visit to assure yourself of a delicious meal? There are much more than just these highlighted 5 cities thatRead More …

Tell About Your Trip Experience–Before Your Mind is Gone

A beautiful evening view of Charles Bridge in Prague

Sometimes, even though we’re in the middle of something—a job, a family thing, a big change, a whatever—we may feel the need to disconnect from it for a moment and think about something else. The key for me, of course, is not staying away from my project for too long,Read More …

Shanghai Surprise or Beijing Duck?

Today, my special guest is Elaine, a good friend of mine from Taicang, China. In this podcast interview, I ask her which cities in China are truly the “must see” spots for travelers, as well as which places they should see, which things they should do and, of course, whichRead More …

The Law Of Attraction…Which US Cities Are Best For Tourists?

Theme parks in Orlando, Florida are very popular

Which US Cities Have the Best Tourist Attractions? Americans love the spring season and they love the outdoors, so many families will spend lots of time engaging in outdoor activities. It is also mainly during spring and summer seasons when people get to travel to their favorite holiday destinations. OfRead More …

Clean Up Your Act! These Cities Are Spic-n-Span!

Which cities are cleanest?

Which cities are darn clean? I always hear about Tokyo and Singapore, but after reading over this list, I realized that I still have many shiny cities to see!

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