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The Law Of Attraction…Which US Cities Are Best For Tourists?

Theme parks in Orlando, Florida are very popular

Which US Cities Have the Best Tourist Attractions?

Americans love the spring season and they love the outdoors, so many families will spend lots of time engaging in outdoor activities. It is also mainly during spring and summer seasons when people get to travel to their favorite holiday destinations. Of course, different US cities have different attractions, and there are many possible destinations to choose from! This causes holiday travelers and tourists to ask, which city has the best tourist attractions? Is it San Diego in California or Orlando in Florida? Some prefer the city life in New York or Los Angeles, but then again, Miami is very interesting too. It can be a tough decision but, in the end, each traveler has different preferences and their ultimate decisions will vary. With that in mind, we present here some attractions in leading cities.

New York, New York

Mountain View

The city of New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has a rich history and an iconic status as the global finance, arts and culture capital. It is also famous for some of its sights and attractions, which include the following:

Central Park


Icon of New York, this is an amazing park that can easily be found right in the middle of the city. The park is freely open to the public, who squander not this access, spending good amounts of time enjoying the beautiful trees and flowers. Furthermore, there are various cultural events held here regularly.

Times Square


Times Square is a busy intersection in the city and famous for its lights and advertisements. A variety of important events are held here, including New Year celebrations.

Statue of Liberty


This statue is a great landmark and noticeable from very far—even around the world, though not in a literal way! It is a famous part of the New York City skyline and is a huge tourist attraction.

San Diego, California


The city of San Diego is a warm and sunny city, with miles upon miles of sunny beaches and is home to Sea World, a great place to view sea mammals and even swim with the dolphins. The world famous San Diego Zoo is also found here where visitors get to go on a safari to view wild animals in natural settings.

Orlando, Florida


The city of Orlando is found in the sunshine state of Florida. The biggest attraction here is Disney World with plenty of rides, shows, fairy tale characters and so much more. It is a very popular holiday destination with lovely beaches, hotels, a great selection of restaurants, and so much more!

Worth Mentioning:
Los Angeles & The Florida Keys


Another mentionable city includes Los Angeles, as well as destinations such as the Florida Keys, which are also top destinations for tourists and offer plenty of amazing sights to see and exciting things to do. The question therefore remains valid as to which city has the best tourist attractions? Tourists will have to determine this for themselves after assessing things such as cost of living, transport and how friendly locals are, but in the end, the answer lies in what type of vacation you prefer—shopping, eating, sightseeing in the country or city, adventure, or just fun activities!

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