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10 Tips to Make it Through a Long Flight

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Let’s say you’re headed to China on a business trip. You’ve already got most of what you need: your passport, your briefcase, a basic knowledge of Mandarin, and a thirst for adventure.

The only real problem is the flight. It’s over twelve hours long, so, plane enthusiast or not, you’ll have to find something to do with all that time. What, though?

What are some ways to pass time on a long flight? We’ve got plenty of suggestions, and we’ll break them down in detail below.

1. Use the Long Flight to Work

Before jumping to any conclusions, hear us out on this one. The great thing about planes is that a lot of them don’t have wireless internet.

As much fun as wireless internet is, it tends to distract us quite a bit. How many times have you gotten on a computer for work, only to find yourself on Facebook an hour later or reading a random article titled “Eight things you didn’t know about your appendix?”

Without the distraction, we’re able to focus more on work. We get it, though. Work is boring, and chances are you won’t be able to focus on it for more than an hour or two, but that’s still a very productive hour.

2. Get Some Sleep

Sleep is a great way to pass time, and one possible way to keep jet lag from hitting you too hard. Sleep takes up about a third of our day, if we’re lucky, so even a small amount of sleep should shave a few hours off your flight.

It should be noted that the implied end to this main point is “if you can.” The fact of the matter is that public transportation, really any kind of transportation, is often hard to sleep on. To combat this, a lot of people bring sleep masks and sleeping pills.

3. Upgrade Your Seat

When it comes to planes, we’re pretty much bombarded with media telling us how great first class is. The exact benefits of luxury flight are somewhat exaggerated, but there are definitely some perks, like better meals and more space.

It offers a more pleasant flying experience if you’re willing to pay for it. With your flight being more relaxing, the time will go by a lot faster.

4. Listen to Music

Most people would strongly suggest bringing headphones and some kind of music player on a long flight. In some cases, the plane itself may have its own music and movie collections. This is especially true for long trips, but it’s better not to take the risk.

5. Watch Movies

In some cases, the plane will offer a selection of movies to watch, so you can explore and watch their selection. Still, it’s better to bring your own tablet, loaded up with your own choice of movies.

After all, the plane obviously can’t have everything, so some of your favorite movies won’t be on there. That being said, you might be pleasantly surprised by a few gems that you haven’t seen in a while.

6. Play Games

One other reason to bring a tablet is so you can play a few games. Unlike music or movies, the airline probably won’t have too many games to play.

A tablet is more convenient for gaming anyways. The screen is right in front of you and portable, so you can set it up in whatever way is comfortable for you. Between comfortable positioning and the relatively simple mechanics, tablet games are easy to get sucked into, so you should have no problem killing time.

7. Get Up and Walk Around

Honestly, this one won’t waste too much time, but it’s still very necessary. Ask any doctor or trucker, and they’ll tell you that sitting down for hours on end without ever getting up to stretch your legs is a bad idea.

Walking helps maintain circulation, which is the main issue when it comes to sitting. Poor circulation can cause blood clots, which, in some cases, may become detached and head towards the brain or heart, or else might just clog up an artery, all of which can be fatal.

The moral of the story is: don’t die, maybe get up to go to the bathroom every once in a while.

8. Talk to Your Seatmates

It has been said that conversation is a dying art, and whether or not that’s true is more of a personal judgment call. Dying or thriving, an intriguing conversation can be a great way to get through a long trip.

If you’re traveling with someone you already know, this process becomes a lot easier, unless of course, you hate them, in which case, why did you bring them with you?

However, in a lot of situations, you’re going to find yourself seated next to strangers. Based on pure luck, you may notice almost immediately that you have something in common with them. Either way, it’s worth a shot.

9. Read

A long flight is a great place to catch up on reading, whether for fun or business or school. If you’re someone who reads pretty quickly, it might be a good idea to pack several books.

In fact, when it comes to flights, the longer the book is, the better. It will take longer to read, which means you’ll use up a lot more time.

10. Drink, but Not Alcohol

Planes are a place where it’s very easy to get dehydrated, so you’ll need to get occasional glasses of water. You could drink soda if you want, but soda has a lot of sodium and sugar in it, which tend to absorb moisture. It won’t really help with dehydration.

The same goes for alcohol. It tends to aggravate dehydration. Plus, for obvious reasons, you can’t drink it as regularly as you would water or soda. It’s not a good idea to be drunk when you land. After all, you’re going to have to find your way around wherever it is you happen to be.

Handling a Long Flight

Let’s face it, a long flight can be pure agony, especially if you’re not prepared. The good news is that there are actually a lot of things you can do to make time go by faster.

There’s books, movies, music, and basically anything else that can hold your attention. You can even sleep if you want. Bring something entertaining with you and time will go by as soon as you want.

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