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Ultimate Packing List for Moving Abroad

ultimate packing list for moving abroad

3.2 percent of people in the world lived abroad as of 2013, mostly in 10 countries, including the US, Russia, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. If you’re moving abroad for work, congratulations on your new job. Awaiting you is the amazing life of an expatriate. But before you leave, you’ve gotRead More …

10 Things to Know Before Moving to China

what to know before moving to china

According to research, there are more than 600,000 expats living in China. Not only this, the highest population of expats live in Guangdong and Shanghai. But, if you’re planning on moving to China, there are some things you should know. Since the country opened up its doors in the 70s,Read More …

Toting in Style: The 10 Best Travel Suitcases of 2018

10 best travel suitcases of 2018

Have you ever struggled through an airport with a poorly-made suitcase? If not, count yourself lucky. But if you have, you know all-too-well the importance of selecting the right travel suitcase. Are you frowning at your ripped luggage and planning a vacation getaway? Then this article has everything you need.Read More …

5 of the Worst Hotel Booking Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

how to avoid hotel booking mistakes

Traveling is a blast, but the planning that goes into it is not. Like finding which hotel to stay at, calculating the cost of airfare or gas, discovering the right babysitter for the kids . . .and more. We really do run the risk of making an error due toRead More …

Ultimate Guide to Making Friends Living Overseas

how to make friends abroad

Even if you have a hard time making friends at home, all hope isn’t lost! Moving abroad can be a beautiful challenge for even the most socially adept. Many people, of all ages, move abroad for a new experience, work, school, or just to say they did it. Regardless ofRead More …

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Japan

Mt. Fuji with fall colors in Japan.

Are you considering moving way off to the “Far East” –to The Land of the Rising Sun–Japan? I’m no expert but I have lived in Japan for a little while and traveled to several different locations, so I’ve put together a few things of interest for those who haven’t beenRead More …

How to Prepare for a Move Overseas

Prepare for a move overseas

There are approximately 8.9 million Americans living overseas right now. If you’re planning to be one of them, you may be wondering what you need to do to prepare for moving abroad. Not only is there a lot of logistics to organize for your move, but you may be havingRead More …

10 Tips to Make it Through a Long Flight

Agent hitchhiking with departing plane concept

Let’s say you’re headed to China on a business trip. You’ve already got most of what you need: your passport, your briefcase, a basic knowledge of Mandarin, and a thirst for adventure. The only real problem is the flight. It’s over twelve hours long, so, plane enthusiast or not, you’llRead More …

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