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Toting in Style: The 10 Best Travel Suitcases of 2018

10 best travel suitcases of 2018
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Have you ever struggled through an airport with a poorly-made suitcase? If not, count yourself lucky. But if you have, you know all-too-well the importance of selecting the right travel suitcase.

Are you frowning at your ripped luggage and planning a vacation getaway? Then this article has everything you need.

We’ve outlined 10 of the best travel suitcases of 2018. No more dragging your suitcase through the airport or breaking your bag to lift it upstairs. We have all the information you require.

The Best Travel Suitcases of 2018

Suitcases are constantly being modified and upgraded with the latest technology. In our list, we cover different brands to give you a taste of what each can offer. Furthermore, each item is perfect for continual travels, so if you have future voyaging in mind, we’ve got your back.

1. Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner

If you’re looking for a good all-arounder that’s decently priced, look no further. The Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner has excellent reviews and offers a crisp, modern look. The outer shell is durable and the entire case is about 6.5 pounds, making it ideal for heavy packers worried about luggage restrictions.

The only downside is the base is your run-of-the-mill polypropylene, so it could be more durable. However, users report the outside is very strong.

This suitcase comes in six color variations and is dubbed a “people’s favorite” by Luggage Picker.

2. Large AWAY

You won’t have to tie a scarf on your handle or spraypaint the outside of your case to find it in the luggage carrier with the large AWAY suitcase. Instead, the company has an artist paint your initials on the top so it easily stands out from the crowd.

But that’s not the best part. It comes with a TSA approved, 100% compliant battery that will charge your cell. With the added TSA-approved combination lock, interior compression pad and sturdy exterior, it’s easy to see why this is a fan favorite.

3. Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 Expandable Spinner

Let’s just say you won’t go without if you have the Travelpro Platinum Magna Expandable Spinner. The bag can expand about two inches to store more souvenirs or clothing and even has a built-in suitor for your business clothing.

Its exterior boasts Duraguard nylon, which is a ballistic material that will resist tears and scrapes. On top of it all, the wheels use magnets to self-align.

This is suitcase that will last for years.

4. Victorinox Lexicon

Victorinox doesn’t let consumers down with one of its latest. Able to store a whopping 75 pounds, the Victorinox Lexicon has recessed wheels and handles to add to your packing space. The exterior is crafted with break-resistant polycarbonate.

It even offers a USB charging port, ID tag, device reset tool and pen beneath the handle.

5.Briggs & Riley Expandable Spinner

Made with ballistic nylon, Briggs & Riley offer an excellent suitcase any traveler will love. The base is wider than the top to encourage stability (after all, how many times has your suitcase toppled to the side?) and it has three handles on three different sides for easy grasping.

The mesh panels inside are ideal for separating goodies, but the side panels are the most useful. They allow users to expand the bag and then compress it with a push on the outside, making sure everything fits snugly.

6. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero

This is another favorite that’s been grabbing consumers’ attention across the web and in stores. The Delsey Luggage Helium Aero is made of polycarbonate, meaning it’s a durable little guy. However, scratches will abound, so keep this in mind when choosing a color.

The expandable sides are excellent save for the many zippers, which can become a nuisance when you’re trying to get something from the bag. However, its 360-degree wheels, sleek design and affordable price make it a worthwhile investment for any traveler.

7. Nautica Carry On Hardside Spinner

The Nautica Spinner gets props because of its fashionable looks, but it doesn’t quite “suitcase up” when it comes to durability. Made of ABS, a thermoplastic, it is lightweight but not as durable as polycarbonate. One user reported the handle had significantly loosened after a single weekend-long trip.

However, what it may lack in durability it more than makes up for in style. The outside has a sleek look and the inside offers a shiny, silky fabric.

One nice addition is the privacy curtain. Instead of shoving your used undergarments into an open slot for all to see when the suitcase is opened, it hides them in a convenient pocket.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds

Ideal because of its light weight and lower cost, the Reaction Out of Bounds suitcase offers decent value for the price. However, this suitcase is also made from ABS, meaning it’s a lot less durable than some of the other ones out there.

On the plus side, the larger option is very roomy and offers excellent clip straps and flaps to separate your items.

9. Rockland Melbourne Expandable Abs

Stylish and with average marks in capacity, the 20-inch Expandable Abs is a little over 6 pounds and its textured exterior makes it stand out from other bags.

What it may not have in capacity, the suitcase makes up for in affordability. It is made of polycarbonate and offers a sturdy, ergonomic telescope handle. It also includes an expandable zipper.

For the cost, this is a great buy.

10. Herschel Supply Co Medium Trade Luggage

Herschel Supply Co. has grown seemingly overnight. Its bags can be seen everywhere, which is why it made our top-10 list.

Both large and small versions meet carry-on requirements and the custom-striped liner adds a nice touch to the inside. This luggage offers all the basic necessities of travel with a very lightweight but durable exterior made of polycarbonate.

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If you’re planning a voyage, make sure you purchase only the best travel suitcases to take with you. A good suitcase can make your experience much, much nicer.

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